Outreach Programs

At the MacArthur Memorial, we believe that history is an exciting, invaluable part of any education. To provide “windows” into the past, the Memorial’s education programs utilize a wealth of unique historical materials contained in the museum’s collections, exhibits, and archives. 

The MacArthur Memorial offers a variety of outreach programs. All outreach programs feature artifacts and documents from the MacArthur Memorial collection. Virtual sessions are tailored to meet the requirements of each class.

All Outreach programs are FREE.  

For more information contact the Education Manager Jennifer Cottle
Email: jennifer.cottle@norfolk.gov | Phone: 757-441-2965 

Traveling Footlockers

All Ages

Our most popular outreach program! The MacArthur Memorial's traveling footlockers contain artifacts and reproductions that give students insight into the lives of people from the past. Request one of these "museum in a box" for up to a week and turn your students into detectives, historians, and curators! 

Ben Steele POW Traveling Exhibit

Middle School and Up

Ben Steele was a POW and a Bataan Death March survivor.  After World War II, he became a successful artist.  Like many survivors, he struggled with memories of his captivity.  As he came to terms with his experiences, he began to fill notebooks with drawings of his memories.  These drawings are now preserved in the MacArthur Memorial Archives.

Selected drawings have been turned into a traveling exhibit about the Bataan Death March and the POW experience.  The exhibit comes with a teacher guide as well as activities to help students evaluate art as a primary source, understand the geography of the Pacific, and identify types of war crimes.


All Ages

Our museum staff are available to present on a wide variety of topics for your classroom or other group setting. Depending on availability and locality, museum staff can present in-person or virtually.