World War II Traveling Footlockers

If you are interested in a way to reinforce SOLs while ensuring that your students encounter the past in a unique, “hands on” way, the MacArthur Memorial World War II Traveling Footlockers are for you!  The Traveling Footlockers contain more than 40 artifacts from World War II that will give students insight into the lives of average Americans on the battlefield and on the Homefront.  Recently, the program was also updated to include Japanese and German artifacts. 

Each Traveling Footlocker comes with a fact sheet for each artifact, as well as SOL based suggestions for classroom activities related to the artifacts.  The Footlockers also contain 30 pairs of white archival gloves so that students can interact with the artifacts.  

Like all of the Memorial’s education programs, these Footlockers are FREE!  To date this is our most popular education program, so reserve one for your classroom soon!  (Reservations are accepted up to a year in advance.)

Footlocker Pic 2015

Reserve one for your classroom today by contacting Jennifer Cottle – 757.441.2965 or

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