1. Chrysler Donation - World War II Jeep

    General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower once attributed the Allied victory in World War II to four things, one of which was the Jeep.

  2. MacArthur's Limousine

    As Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers and the architect of the rebuilding of Japan after World War II not just any automobile would suffice to be the personal staff car for General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. Thus when the Cadillac assigned for his use began to show its age, the U.S. Army replaced it with a 1950 Chrysler Crown Imperial limousine.

  3. World War II Jeep

    In May 2008, in recognition of Military Appreciation Month, Chrysler Motors presented the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation with a donation of $100,000 for its 5-Star Campaign, as well as a fully restored World War II Jeep.

  4. World War II Motorcycle

    This motorcycle is currently on display in the MacArthur Memorial Visitors Center. It was donated to the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation by Bill and Debra Gershen of Rancho Santa Fe, California.