Papers of Colonel William M. Hutson, USA

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Papers of Colonel William M. Hutson, USA - Record Group 118
William Maine Hutson, a South Carolina native, served as a U.S. Army Colonel during World War II.  Credited as creating the first tank destroyer group for the Army during World War II, he also served as an American aide to the Chinese Nationalist General commanding the southern half of China. Hutson associated with Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek and Communist leader Mao Tse-tung.

He was the first U.S. officer to enter Saigon after the Japanese withdrew from Indochina in 1945 and met with Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh.  He was decorated by the U.S. Army and recognized by both the Chinese and French governments for his military advising.

Hutson’s collection contains diaries and notebooks from the era of World War II.  One diary documents his sea voyage from the United States to India via the Suez Canal.

Another notebook details his service with the Chinese Army.  Hutson’s notebook from his time in Vietnam is most interesting with references to his dealings with the OSS and Viet Minh leader Ho Chi Minh.

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Correspondence, diaries and notebooks of Colonel William M. Hutson