New Acquisitions

Private E.G. Cleckner's World War I U.S. Army Uniform Private E.G. Cleckner's World War I U.S. Army Uniform
Dennis Cleckner of Chesapeake recently donated to the Memorial a World War I U.S. Army uniform belonging to his grandfather, Eldon G. Cleckner.



Arthur MacArthur IV Leather Jacket Arthur MacArthur IV Leather Jacket
This jacket has a most unique history – it had been given to Arthur MacArthur IV, son of Douglas and Jean MacArthur, by Boy Scout Troop 126 of Seattle, WA, in November 1951.



George Taylor Uniform Collection George Taylor Uniform Collection
Col. George Taylor, U.S. Army, (Ret.) of Virginia Beach, Virginia, recently gave his uniforms from 20 years of service with the United States Army to the MacArthur Memorial.



cigarette case Dictaphone used in Gen. Douglas MacArthur's Church Street office in New York City
This Cameo model Dictaphone dictation machine was used in Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s Church Street office in New York City.

This Dictaphone was among several items of furniture recently given to the MacArthur Memorial by the U.S. Army that had been used in the Church Street office.



cigarette case Arthur MacArthur Cigarette Case
The sterling silver and 14 karat gold cigarette case dates to the early 20th century and is believed to have been manufactured by Kerr of New York or New Jersey.

It is engraved “A. MacA.” on the lid and “ARTHUR MacARTHUR / U.S. NAVY / BOWMAN McCALLA MacARTHUR” on the interior.



Pappy Gunn "Pappy" Gunn Map Case
This leather map case belonged to Col. Paul I. “Pappy” Gunn, U.S. Army Air Corps, a pioneer in military aviation in the first half of the twentieth century.

An undated Philippine Air Lines tag – an airline started by Gunn – is attached.



Bob Nardelli and the Jeep Chrysler Donation: World War II Jeep
General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower once attributed the Allied victory in World War II to four things, one of which was the Jeep.



These crates were stenciled “General Douglas MacArthur”. What were they and what were they doing in the city’s main library? Shipping Crates Found
Cleaning out one’s attic or garage almost always yields long-forgotten treasures. In fact, that is how many museums receive a lot of their donations. So it was that the MacArthur Memorial recently received a most unexpected donation associated with both the most controversial part of General Douglas MacArthur’s career and also with the establishment of the Memorial itself.




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