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In addition to the basic audio tour of the museum and the World War I History Podcast series, the MacArthur Memorial also produces a monthly podcast on different aspects of the MacArthur story and history from 1865-1964. Topics vary, and if you have a special request, please contact Amanda Williams by email.

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Episode Seventy-Five: John Bulkeley and the Escape From Corregidor
(November 2017)

1942 was an eventful year for the United States military. To mark some of the interesting and important events that happened that year, the MacArthur Memorial and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum hosted a 1942" symposium in October 2017. At the symposium, Pete Bulkeley, son of the skipper of PT-41, discussed his father's role in MacArthur's escape from the Philippines. (24:01)
1942 Symposium