Article I - MacArthur Army Leadership Awards

MacArthur Army Leadership Awards 2005
The 18th Annual General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Awards were presented to 24 company grade officers and three warrant officers on May 25, 2005. The ceremonies were officiated by General Peter J. Schoomaker, Chief of Staff of the Army. Dr. Duane N. Diedrich, of the Foundation Board of Directors, presented the awards recognizing these outstanding leaders in the regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves.

The Award program was conducted over three days with recipients and their families participating in special programs and activities in addition to the award ceremony and wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery. All of the recipients were honored at a breakfast sponsored by the Association of the United States Army, a luncheon featuring the Director of the Army Staff and evening receptions for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve officers.
During the award ceremony, General Schoomaker remarked that these officers "represent the best our Army and our nation have to offer." He went on to say that "they are the men and women at the core of the leadership closest to our Soldiers." In his remarks, Dr. Diedrich emphasized that personal character and prudent leadership are inseparable and "our lives and the choices we make are expressions of our personal ethos.
MacArthur Army Leadership Awards 2005
Following the award ceremony at the Pentagon the officers traveled to Arlington National Cemetery to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. This ceremony took on an even more solemn occasion this year as the words of General MacArthur read by Dr. Diedrich during the awards ceremony were fresh in everyone’s memory. These words by General MacArthur were written to a friend the day before the November 11, 1921, dedication of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

General MacArthur wrote, "When you read these lines you will be about to bury our soldier. My reverence goes to him. He has written his own history in letters of red on his enemy’s breast—but when I think of his patience under adversity, his fortitude under pain, his courage under fire, and his modesty in victory, I am shaken with an emotion I cannot express. May God be with him."

CPT Nicholas E. Ayers, FORSCOM, 1st Bn., 34th Armor

CPT Hunter L. Belcher, Tennessee ANG, 269th Military Police Company

CPT Julia Bell, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

CPT Jason P. Benson, Minnesota ANG, 2d Bn., 136th Infantry

CPT John S. Cecil, USAR, 81st Transportation Detachment

CPT Robert H. Clapper II, USAR, 108th Division

CPT Jeffrey D. Cole, Kentucky ANG, 1st Bn.,149th Infantry

CPT Clinton W. Cox, TRADOC, 1st Bn., 29th Infantry

WO2 Frank O. Davis, USAR, 660th Transportation Company

CPT Justin H. Davis, Vermont ANG, Army Mountain Warfare School

CPT Joel L. Dillon, FORSCOM, 1st Bn., 12th Infantry

CPT Thomas L. Enright, Jr., USAR, 1190th Deployment Support Brigade

CPT Joseph M. Ewers, USAEUROPE, 1st Bn., 6th Infantry

CPT Anthony R. Gibbs, USAPACIFIC, TF 1, 501st Airborne

CPT John M. Grantz, FORSCOM, 1st Bn., 502d Infantry

CPT Allen R. Horner, USAR, 439th Engineer Battalion

WO2 Pamela M. Howell, Minnesota ANG, Recruiting and Retention Command

CPT Joshua C. Kennedy, USASOC, 3d Bn., 10th Special Forces Group

WO2 James J. Korenoski, USASOC, 1st Bn., 5th Special Forces Group

1LT Tamara O. Montgomery, USAR, 358th Civil Affairs Brigade

CPT John C. Moore, USAEUROPE, 2d Bn., 37th Armor

CPT Brent A. Orr, North Carolina ANG, 1st Bn., 130th Aviation

CPT Ralph W. Overland, FORSCOM, 2d Bn., 8th Infantry

CPT Michael A. Pribish, USAR, 458th Engineer Battalion

CPT Andrew J. Short, FORSCOM, 41st Engineer Battalion

CPT Angie L. Tofflemeyer, Colorado ANG, SPACE Support Battalion

CPT Tyson T. Voelkel, FORSCOM, 3d Bn., 325th Airborne

MacArthur Army Leadership Awards 2005