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Episode Fifty: Jean MacArthur, Part 2 of 2

(February 2015)

Coming Soon!
Jean MacArthur
Episode Forty-Nine: Jean MacArthur, Part 1 of 2

(January 2015)

Today Jean MacArthur is largely in the shadow of her husband General Douglas MacArthur.  By all accounts however, she was a vital member of his inner circle and many of her husband’s biographers considered her an “unusual” but extraordinary woman.  She came from a family with a deeply rooted tradition of military service and had a great personal interest in American military history.  In possession of a large inheritance, she had spent most of her twenties and thirties traveling around the world – attracting friends and prospective suitors wherever she went. On one of these journeys she was introduced to General Douglas MacArthur – a man 19 years her senior.  After a year and a half courtship in Manila, they were married in 1937.  MacArthur later wrote that marrying her was the smartest thing he ever did.  Part 1 of the Jean MacArthur story will focus on her early life and marriage to General MacArthur up to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. (23:09)
Jean MacArthur
Episode Forty-Eight: West Point and Leadership

(November 2014)

Are leaders born or made? Why do places like West Point seem to generate extremely high numbers of business, military, and political leaders?  To answer these questions, we sat down with Major Adrienne M. Harrison - a West Point graduate and a veteran of three tours in Iraq.  Major Harrison also holds a PhD in History and at the time of this interview was serving as an Assistant Professor of History in West Point's History Department.  (32:15) 
USMA West Point Logo
Episode Forty-Seven: 70th Anniversary of MacArthur's Return to Leyte

(October 2014)

On October 19, 2014 the MacArthur Memorial, the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation, and the Embassy of the Philippines hosted a special reception to commemorate the October 20, 1944 Leyte Landings.  The Memorial's Archivist Jim Zobel gave a short lecture on MacArthur's road back to the Philippines.  (25:22)
Episode Forty-Six: Lecture by Mark Perry

(August 2014)

On July 24, 2014, the MacArthur Memorial hosted Mark Perry - author of the book: The Most Dangerous Man in America: The Making of Douglas MacArthur.  Perry addressed the Roosevelt/MacArthur relationship and MacArthur's service during World War II - shedding new light on the General and his legacy.  (38:56)
perry book1
Episode Forty-Five: The Admiralties Campaign

(June 2014)

The seizure of the Admiralty Islands in February 1944 was one of the boldest operations of MacArthur’s Southwest Pacific campaign and perhaps the war in the Pacific.

By capturing the islands, the 1st Cavalry Division, U.S. Navy destroyers, and a handful of Seabees ensured that MacArthur would go on to become the Liberator of the Philippines.   (30:58)
Episode 45: The Admiralties Campaign
Episode Forty: MacArthur's Air Force

(January 2014)

The air war in the Pacific Theater during World War II is often overlooked and over-shadowed by the battles which took place in the skies above Europe.  In the Pacific, the Far East Air Forces – “MacArthur’s Air Force” - operated out of more than 50 different islands, flew over an area larger than the United States, and carried the war from Australia to Japan itself, all while turning men and aircraft around for the next mission as quickly as possible.

Much of the success in the skies in the Pacific was due to the pairing of General Douglas MacArthur and his air chief General George Kenney, and Kenney’s ability to recognize talent and to get the most out of the officers and men under his command.  This podcast tells the story of the creation and the role of the Far East Air Forces in World War II.   (20:48)

Selected Documents:

Commendation from XIII Bomber Command to Ground Crew, March 30, 1945

General Kenney and B-17 Crew
Episode 40: MacArthur's Air Force
Episode Forty One: The Final Salute

(January 2014)

General Douglas MacArthur died at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on April 5, 1964.
Years before, President John F. Kennedy had authorized an elaborate State Funeral for MacArthur. On the General’s death, President Johnson reaffirmed Kennedy’s directive and ordered that MacArthur be buried "with all the honor a grateful nation can bestow on a departed hero."  

Over the next week, MacArthur’s body lay in state at the 7th Regimental Armory in New York City and then in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C, before coming to the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, VA – a place chosen by the General to be his final resting place.The funeral was held on April 11th, the thirteenth anniversary of MacArthur’s firing by President Truman during the Korean War. This podcast tells the story of the General’s final days and the impressive funeral that honored his service.   (18:26)
Episode 41: The Final Salute
Episode Forty-Two: MacArthur and West Point Leadership

(May 2014)

In April 2014, as part of the MacArthur Memorial’s 50th Anniversary Commemoration, the Memorial hosted a special speaker series.  One of the speakers, Dan Rice, coauthored the book: West Point Leadership: Profiles of Courage.

This book features hundreds of short biographies of prominent West Point graduates – including leaders like MacArthur, Eisenhower, Grant, Pershing, and Petraeus.  While at the Memorial, Mr. Rice discussed West Point and how for centuries, the leadership skills of its graduates have translated into success on the battlefield, the boardroom, and in politics.   (29:10)
Episode 42: MacArthur and West Point Leadership
Episode Forty-Three: MacArthur: America’s General

(May 2014)

In April 2014, as part of the MacArthur Memorial’s 50th Anniversary Commemoration, the Memorial hosted a special speaker series.

One of the speakers, Mitchell Yockelson, author of the book “MacArthur: America’s General,” gave a brief overview of some of General MacArthur’s World War II service. MacArthur: America’s General was published by Thomas Nelson as part of the General’s series.   (21:44)
Episode 43: MacArthur: America’s General
Episode Forty-Four: MacArthur and the 42nd Division in France

(May 2014)

In April 2014, as part of the MacArthur Memorial’s 50th Anniversary Commemoration, the Memorial hosted a special speaker series.

One of the speakers, Nimrod Frazer, author of the book Send the Alabamians: World War I Fighters in the Rainbow Division, spoke about Douglas MacArthur and his time with the 42nd Rainbow Division in France. Mr. Frazer is a Korean War veteran and a recipient of the Silver Star.   (28:17)
Episode 44: MacArthur and the 42nd Division in France