Outreach Programs

At the MacArthur Memorial, we believe that history is an exciting, invaluable part of any education. To provide “windows” into the past, the Memorial’s education programs utilize a wealth of unique historical materials contained in the museum’s collections, exhibits, and archives. 

The MacArthur Memorial offers a variety of outreach programs. All outreach programs feature artifacts and documents from the MacArthur Memorial collection. SKYPE sessions are tailored to meet the requirements of each class.

All Outreach programs are FREE.  

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Programs Grade Level Description
World War II Traveling Footlockers All Ages

One of our most popular outreach programs!  The Memorial's World War II Traveling Footlockers contain artifacts from World War II that give students insight into the lives of average Americans on the battlefield and on the homefront. Bring this "museum in a box" into your classroom for up to a week and turn your students into detectives, historians, and curators!

World War I Traveling Footlocker All Ages

NEW! The World War I Traveling Footlocker contains artifacts and reproduction artifacts from World War I.  These artifacts tell the story of the combatants, the leaders, the causes of U.S. involvement in the war, the changing technology, and more!  This program is a great way to help your students think critically about World War I.

The Life and Times
of General Douglas MacArthur
All Ages Douglas MacArthur was born in the midwest, at a time when outlaws like Jesse James were alive and when electric lights were being installed for the first time.  By the time MacArthur died, it was an age of nuclear weapons, jetliners, and television.

This program uses the life and achievements of General MacArthur to explore the dramatic changes that took place in American history from 1880-1964.
World War II in the Pacific
The Road to Tokyo
6th Grade and up This program covers the basic history of World War II in the Pacific Theater.  Students will understand the causes of the War with Japan, identify the major players, and examine how the role of the United States in Asia evolved as a result of this conflict.  

SOL Reinforcement: USII.1a, b, i; USII.7; WHII.1a; WHII.12, VUS.1a, h, i; VUS.11
Winning the Peace:
MacArthur and the
Occupation of Japan

8th Grade and up Considering the bitter fighting that took place in the Pacific during World War II, in 1945 the occupation of Japan was a daunting prospect. This program evaluates the success of the occupation and examines its impact on our world today.

SOL Reinforcement: WHII.12c
Current Events:
The Korean War
8th Grade and up

Although considered the “Forgotten War,” the Korean War is significant because it marked a very important shift in American foreign policy. This program explains the causes and major events of the war and also makes connections between the Korean War and current events in the news. Students are encouraged to discuss how the events of the Korean War continue to impact our lives today.

SOL Reinforcement: USII.7; WHII.12; VUS.11a, e; Visual Arts 7.30; 8.17, 20; AI.29

The Right to Fight:
African-American Military Service
All Ages This program highlights the service and accomplishments of African-American servicemen and women from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror.
Women and the Military All Ages This program explores the various ways women have served our country at war and at peace.
Leadership Seminar 9th Grade and up This presentation explores General MacArthur’s development as a leader and discusses his leadership philosophy. It highlights three foundational components of successful leadership that can be observed in General MacArthur’s life and service: Values, Vision, and Proficiency. Participants will understand the ways in which they can apply these leadership traits.
SKYPE Sessions All Ages Connect your classroom to the MacArthur Memorial!  Our staff can help your class explore World War I, World War II, and the Korean War - or just answer questions about museum careers and how museums preserve artifacts and documents.