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Primary Resources
Primary Resources
The MacArthur Memorial Archives contains millions of documents, photographs, and maps. The collection ranges from the Civil War to the Korean War. Many of these items make excellent teaching aids and can help reinforce core SOL skills (USI.1a, WHII.1a, VUS.1a). 

Need additional resources or topic specific material for a unit you are teaching? These resources are FREE to educators and the staff of the Memorial can arrange special packets upon request - contact Amanda Williams - 757.441.2965 or
World War I Resources
In many ways, World War I set the fault lines of the modern world.  It was the end and the beginning of an age.  But a hundred years later, why does this war still matter? What were the causes of the war? And, who were the major players? 

These free MacArthur Memorial educational resources will help students answer these important questions, while reinforcing SOLs related to US History, World History and Geography.  USII.1, USII.2, WHII.1, WHII.10a, WG.1 (This list will expand with the addition of new films and activities) 

These resources will also reinforce AP US History, World History, and European History curriculums. 

The Road to War Film Resources
The year is 1914. Europe is the center of commerce, industrialization, science, art and culture. It is home to great empires and glittering monarchies.  It is a golden age of European power and civilization.  Many in this era feel that they are living in the most civilized, technologically advanced time in history -- and they are proud of their achievements. 

So, how does this self-proclaimed, modern, civilized world crash into a war that engulfs the globe and consumes 10,000,000 lives? Produced by the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation, this short 13 minute film traces the events leading up to World War I in Europe. Watch The Road to War Film
The Road to War is the first of ten short films that will be produced over the next few years to cover different aspects of World War I.  Free educational activities will be available to complement each film.  If you are interested in supporting this series of films through a sponsorship opportunity, or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Amanda Williams Education Manager.